Wassup!? Wassup!? Thought I should write some more…

Since I wrote two articles about the Witcher and its spinoffs recently, I thought it would be a good idea to go through some facts about the genial development team behind the game. Chances are you’ve heard of CD Projekt or CD Projekt RED by now. It’s been a long time since the team was small and unheard of. Digging around the web I discovered a picture depicting just how small they were when they were starting out. Check this out:



They sure came a long way since 2004


Apparently the stand wasn’t even theirs. They had a friendly relationship with BioWare and someone from the company was kind enough to let them costar in their booth. I guess BioWare is partially to thank for CDPR’s success.

The original Witcher was a huge success, and they knew it so they started working on a sequel. It’s said that during those times, the game was nearly canceled and the whole studio could have easily been disbanded. Economic crisis was mostly to blame for those dark days and the fact that their console port of The Witcher called “The Witcher: Rise of the White Wolf” had to be canceled didn’t really help them out. Turned out their team was not nearly enough for the requirements of porting a title to consoles and CD Projekt was in danger of getting bankrupt. Somehow they managed to get through all that and am I glad they did. Thanks to their commitment and resolve, we are now able to bask in all of the Witcher’s games glory.

Now, I’m not sure if you realize but ever since then the guys at CD Projekt have also been developing their own gaming platform. Good Old Games or most commonly referred to as simply GOG is another one of their ambitious projects. While everybody’s striving and going for DRM content these guys are efficiently battling against it. Now in terms of PC gaming I don’t think anybody is likely to stand up to Valve’s giants that is Steam at any time soon but if somebody can pull it off I’m betting it’s them. Perhaps in a couple of years for they sure seem to be on the right path and GOG is constantly growing and improving. Holding my fingers crossed for you CDP!

Perhaps what strikes me the most about their games is how easily they are competing with AAA titles. To say that they are competing is an understatement. This is subjective but I think that they’re actually dominating many AAA developers and that’s fascinating because, in case you didn’t know, CD Projekt is an Indie development studio! Yeah, hard to believe, right. Indie development, no additional funding and a definite game of the year. Kinda silly to see all those in the same sentence.

I really like what they’re doing for the gaming community and I’m definitely looking forward to their upcoming game Cyberpunk 2077. And if anybody from CDP happens to read this now that I’m cheering for you at the top of my lungs! Go, Go CDP!