Wassup!? Wassup!? Just noticed this among my piles of email and I was compelled to write about it right away!

I’m not sure if you’re excited about it as much I am and frankly I can care less, but the fact that you’re here and that you’re reading it probably means that you are. Either that or for some reasons unknown you care about what I have to say and value my opinion on… stuff. Well, whatever the reason for your visit one thing is for sure:

Shadow Warrior 2 is seven days away from releasing!!! Yes, I’m hyped! There is absolutely no reason for me not to be hyped at this moment. Everybody played the previous one fully understands where this hype is coming from. It was game packed with non-stop bloody demon slicing action. Not just slicing, there were really some creative ways in which you can dispose of your foes in this game.

All of this is coming from somebody who generally doesn’t enjoy FPS games that much. When I say I don’t enjoy them, I don’t mean I don’t play them just that I’m not as enthusiastic about FPS releases like I to be about RPG or adventure games per se. Shadow Warrior is completely different though. The fact that you can wield a katana and slice your way from beginning to the end with it was what drew me to the first game. It seems like everything that was doable in the first is also going to appear in the upcoming game. Let’s see what we know so far:


  1. Multiplayer Co-Op

First off, the game is get a feature four player co-op mode! Not sure about you but, this by itself is pretty much enough for me to want to play it. If anything is better than coming demons with a katana, it’s cutting to demons with a katana and a couple of friends.

  1. Character Diversity

Of course as we know it, with multiplayer comes balancing issues. In the trailer we can see that weapons will be upgradable and there will be more than one pass of character development to undertake so it’s very possible that every character is going to be unique in its own way and better suited for specific battle scenario.


  1. Open World/Zones

It’s also super exciting they’re going to introduce open world to some extent. Now I’m not really sure if this is going to be a completely open world or a bunch of smaller hubs that you’re free to explore at your own leisure, either way it could be much more dynamic than the first one, which despite being completely linear still managed to keep me interested for multiple playthroughs. Combine that with multiplayer and a couple friends and you get a perfect formula for a lengthy and lasting videogame experience.


And these should be main improvements and additions that we can expect from the upcoming sequel. Other than that everything is pretty much as it was. A good old action-packed, stunningly looking samurai/ninja themed bloody and fast-paced chaotic first-person shooter game. I honestly can’t wait for it!