Wassup?! Wass…. fuck it…

I don’t believe this! No seriously, I don’t fucking believe this! CD Project has just released a game of the year edition of the Witcher 3. FML. I mean, give me a break! How am I supposed to play anything else other than this fantastic game now that it has been re-released and improved!?

Just a couple of days ago I have played what was supposed to be my last couple of hours of this game. Then shortly afterwards I hear about game of the year.

Let me clear a couple of things up:

  • I absolutely love this game
  • I think this is probably the best game ever made
  • I was going to play it again… Eventually

And the thing that matters the most is that

  • I have a shit ton of other games that I would very much like to try out!

That’s the problem, right there. The Witcher rereleasing improved and better than ever, bundled together with both DLC’s that are pretty much games of their own (if you’ve played the game you know these are not your average DLC’s). How is this a problem? Well it’s not, the problem is in me actually. The fact that I’m so hooked and everything that this game has to offer is the problem. I’ve probably been hooked ever since I tasted the original back in 2009 when I built my first gaming rig just so I can play that game. That the game was so good I couldn’t stop playing it till like six in the morning for days and days completely neglecting every other chore and responsibility that I had back then. Well, compared to the TW3, the original game is nothing. The guys from CD Project have learned so much over the years and put it all into this game. Just try to fathom the effect it has on me if I’m openly saying that the game I fell in love with seven years ago is absolutely nothing compared this one.

Okay Bach, you’re overreacting, get your shit together, it’s not that big of a deal. It’s just that the release date happened to be a couple of days after I decide to let go of it for a while. It’s like “something” doesn’t want me to let it go. I figure something out, I’ll find a way to deal with this, I will have to if you want to keep my friends, family and girlfriend.

Suffice to say if you haven’t had an opportunity before to play this magnificent game for yourself this game of the year edition is a godsend. Buy it, play it, love it, and play it some (a lot) more. Grabbing it at a full price is pretty much a steal honestly for this game offers like 250+ hours easily. That’s just for one play through. Did I mention there’s New Game+? Please be warned that as good as this is, it’s probably enchanted. Trying to let go of this game is not an easy task for this game offers so much that I won’t even try to mention all of it. It’s very easy to lose your track of time being emerged in the beautiful, mesmerizing world of the Witcher 3. Also note that somehow, no matter how much time you spend “over there”, it just doesn’t seem to be enough. There’s always something more to do, something new to explore experience…

You’ve been warned. And consider this to be the end of this poster for I have some monsters to hunt!