Wassup!? Wassup!? How you been? Good to know. I’ve been feeling kinda… You know what, let me take you to the beginning.

So, today I have been browsing through the Internet and right there I stumbled upon this, this ummm, tech demo of sorts. The video in question is pre-alpha build for the Mass Effect Andromeda game. Now those of you for following my blog noted I’m very enthusiastic when it comes to Mass Effect. However, what I saw in the tech demo wasn’t quite what I come to expect of BioWare after what I’ve been through with their games. Let me elaborate:

The video started off with a guy telling me that unless I have a 4K device I’m not supposed to watch the video. How come? Why the fuck not? Is it a videogame or some presentation on an atomic level? Okay, I get it, they want to put an emphasis of how detailed their game has become and how well it’s utilizing all the available modern resources that make it look as good as it does. But, does it look that good? Quite frankly, nope, it does not. I get it, it’s pre-alpha, shit is gonna get changed. Still, I’m struggling to shake off the feeling that this game is putting more effort on the way it looks that the way it plays and feels.

The entire 3m trailer features nothing but some bunny-hopping across synthetically looking platforms and the player looking around commenting how everything is beautiful because it’s using Frostbyte engine and running in 4k resolution. He interacts with strange looking consoles that materialize eye-candy bridges out of nowhere and scans weird looking local flora. After that, he proceeds to the next platform doing pretty much the same thing and then a cut scene kicks in. That’s it.

From what I was it looked like they were trying to sell game engine and promote its beautiful visual capabilities. There was absolutely no gameplay at all! Come on! Are we at the point where “game” in video game means absolutely nothing as long as it’s pretty and flashy? Are we entering an age of Game Videos? I never expected this from a company like BioWare. All of their previous games were pure gems and value gameplay with choice and consequences above all. I guess EA is tightening the noose…

Ok, ok, I won’t turn it into a rant… just yet. It’s rather early to judge it anyway, but let’s stay at that that I’m not very optimistic about it. I really hope that sometime soon we get to see some gameplay presentation and that this was purely about the graphics because if it was not, there’s not much to look forward to from this title.

What about you? How did you feel about this? Did I overlook some major aspect (oh, noes I did not!) of the video? Am I making this all up in my mind? Please let me know about it in the comments, I need your opinions now more than ever dudes and dudettes! Bach out.