Wassup!? Wassup!? A new thought came to my mind. Yeah, it happens sometimes, who would’ve thought. See, many people have heard about the Witcher by now and it goes without saying that many people have enjoyed playing it. No doubt that many were amazed by the games and that many were probably left longing for more. See this here is the unfortunate part since CD Project made it clear that The Witcher 3 is definitely the last game in the franchise following Geralts story. Quite frankly, I prefer it like this. Instead of having dozens of sequels that absolutely make no sense like the shitty Assassin’s Creed games that once may had some potential in them but have now been reduced to a mere synonym for generic-annually-released-money-milking crap. Yeah, I’m glad CDP took a different road, I really am.

Still I can’t help but crave for more Witcher. The game is so good, there’s no denying it. Characters are lovable and the world is great and well thought out. There’s also the fact that I’m hooked, like really, really hooked. If you’re ever remotely like me, then you probably read all of the books by now, so that’s not an option anymore even though the craving remains. So what to do? How do we satiate the beast within!? Well luckily, there is something else Witcher themed that you might have overlooked.


The Witcher Adventure Game

You might’ve heard about this one but then again, there are equal chances that you never have. The concept is really simple: D&D pretty much. While not quite your regular Dungeons and Dragons game, it’s built on the very same foundation that these games are built upon. This is a board game, a Witcher themed one where you roll dice, draw cards and complete objectives. It’s also a multiplayer game so you can play with up to three friends. This is also how I would highly recommend you to play it before experience is much better when you involve friends and some snacks or beer (lolz to you if you’re under 21 and can’t get it legally). Also the cool thing about it is that it doesn’t necessarily have to be a digital game. It’s available as a traditional board, cards and dice though I honestly believe that the digital one is probably the one you should go with.



Yeah, you’ve read it right. They’re making their own TCG. If you’ve played the Witcher 3 there’s no doubt that you are very familiar with Gwent. If you haven’t, I honestly have no idea what you’re waiting for, go play it! GOTY edition is out, it’s super cheap for what it’s worth in you can run it on a potato if you reduce visual settings to low preset and it will still look better than many modern AAA games on medium/high. Anyhow, Gwent is a fun and simple trading card game set in the Witcher universe. In TW3 it was really basic and was meant to be played merely as a side game. Now that they’re releasing a standalone version, they might aim for a more complex therefore competitive approach. If you want to see what it’s all about, you may apply for beta on their official site. I hope this gets as popular as Hearthstone and other similar titles are. If someone can make it happen, it’s CDP!


Hopefully these two will help you satiate your addiction. They’re not quite Witcher but they’re close enough. Don’t expect any lore or story progress in these two, there’s nothing like that here. Try getting your hands on the books instead if you want more insight in this world lore, I highly recommend doing so. Anyhow, I’m out, going to play a couple more rounds of Gwent for finally go back to studying, and who knows, if you apply for beta, we might even get the chance to test each other’s mettle in combat.